The button below is for young musicians who already had an audition and were accepted, and for returning members!


Berkeley Youth Preparatory Orchestra

The Berkeley Youth Preparatory Orchestra was founded by Jay Lehmann, our Artistic Director and Conductor, to support our younger members as well as members who are still developing the skills needed to feel successful in a full orchestra setting.

Violinists and violists accepted into BYPO receive instruction from our Artists-in-Residence. Jay Lehmann oversees BYPO.

BYPO meets on Saturday mornings from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. in room G-189 in the Music Suite at Laney College. The schedule may change at the Artistic Director's discretion. As students advance, and by approval of the AiR coaches and Artistic Director, they will be invited to join the full BYO rehearsal. BYPO participates in all BYO performances.

Auditions for BYPO are held together with auditions for BYO. Young musicians may apply for BYO and be invited to join BYPO or apply for BYPO directly. To Apply for an audition directly to BYPO or to BYO go to Auditions.

BYPO Volunteering Expectations: 

We strengthen our musical community by involving parents directly in the operation of the Berkeley Youth Orchestra.  As members of BYPO, every family’s effort and support are critical to our success.  Each family must participate in all of the following:

  • Volunteer up to 6 hours during the season, mostly related to chaperoning BYPO Members during concerts and events. You are more than welcome to sign up for a committee if it interests you.
  • Practice-a-Thon
  • Donate one item worth $50 to the Silent Auction
  • Buy one violin raffle ticket
  • Bring bake sale items to at least one concert
  • Attend parent meetings (September and February) and our Retreat (September)
  • Apply for matching funds if the Company you work for offers that possibility

You can fulfill your commitments to BYPO by signing up for specific tasks on specific dates in our website.