The button below is for young musicians who already had an audition and were accepted, and for returning members!



All BYO young musicians are expected to attend all rehearsals and be seated, warmed up and ready for the downbeat at 9:00 AM. For that we expect members to arrive at 8:45 AM. All musicians sign up for various duties, including assisting with percussion and riser set up and break down. All musicians are to take their chair and music stand to its rack after rehearsal. BYO's Code of Conduct addresses behavior assessment.

Family Volunteerism

We strengthen our musical community by involving parents directly in the operation of the Berkeley Youth Orchestra.  As members of BYO, every family’s effort and support are critical to BYO’s success.  Each family must participate in all of the following:

  • Complete 20 hours of volunteering during the season (12 hours if joining after the first concert)
  • Perform Stage duty one time during the season
  • Perform Snack duty one time during the season
  • Donate one item worth $50 to the Silent Auction
  • Buy at least one violin raffle ticket
  • Donate bake sale items to at least one concert
  • Attend parent meetings (in September and February) and our Retreat (in September)
  • Apply for matching funds if the Company you work for offers that possibility

You can fulfill your commitments to BYO by signing up for specific tasks on specific dates on our website.

Buyout: If you pay full tuition (what it actually costs for your child to be in BYO), you do not have to fulfill any volunteer obligations – although your support will always be welcome!