The button below is for young musicians who already had an audition and were accepted, and for returning members!

Outreach Day

On March 11th we'll have the BYO Outreach Day at Rockridge BART Station! This event is part of the 2016-2017 Season Calendar and it will be an exciting day for all orchestra members.

We will take BART from the Lake Merrit station across the street from Laney College and ride it to Rockridge.

To make it a fun and safe day we need Chaperones to supervise our young musicians on the journey, and drivers with SUVs or minivans to take chairs for the cello players. Please sign up to volunteer!

Please print and complete the Field Trip Waiver and bring it to BYO no later than 03/04. We need to be able to gauge the number of participants to purchase the BART tickets.

Thank you for helping make this another BYO success!