The button below is for young musicians who already had an audition and were accepted, and for returning members!

Laney College Mandatory Registration Process


Laney College Application for BYO Members (new & returning)

We at BYO are privileged to rehearse and host our concerts at the Laney College Theater. BYO also grants performing arts credits from Laney College to our high school members, through the Peralta Community College District.

To maintain the use of the theater, as well as have access to performing arts credits, all BYO members must comply with the Peralta Community College District application process every semester.

Please complete your form(s), including the Social Security number when asked, and online registration if applicable. When retrieving it from your school counselor, or principal, please check it out to make sure it’s signed in all necessary spots and stamped. This paperwork is essential to our continued use of Laney Theater and the music building that allow us to implement the block schedule that is so important for the success of our Chamber Program, among other benefits.

Please mail forms to:

BYO Manager
Berkeley Youth Orchestra
P.O. Box 11607
Berkeley, CA 94712

Laney Registration Checklist:

For Members in Elementary & Middle School 

  • Members in Elementary and Middle School, 12 and under, must mail or hand in the Elementary and Middle School Special Enrollment Form and the Peralta Admissions Application Form by December 15th.
  • Members in Elementary and Middle School, 13 and above, must mail or hand in the Elementary and Middle School Special Enrollment Form and complete the Peralta Admission Application Online ASAP.


For Members in High School 

  • Members in High School, must deliver the High School Special Enrollment Form ASAP. Please take it to be signed by your school's principal or counselor as soon as they are available to you.


  • Members in High School must complete Peralta Admission Application Process Online ASAP.

Just click on the link bellow and follow the instructions to create an account, or login to an existing account, to complete the Peralta Admission Application Process Online. Please make sure to store your account login information for future use. You will need it in case you must show proof of the credit Laney provides for either High School or College.