The button below is for young musicians who already had an audition and were accepted, and for returning members!

Tuition Due Date:

For the 2018-2019 Season, tuition is due and payable in full no later than August 31st, 2018. If you choose to send us a check please post it no later than August 11th, 2018. Members will only have access to all services provided by the website, including the music excerpts for the 1st seating audition of the season, once payment is processed.

Registration requires the completion of all online registration forms and payment according to the tuition plan of your choice.

BYO 2018-2019 Full Season Tuition Plans

BYO Standard tuition

$975 + commitment to volunteer

BYO Standard tuition, second family member

$775 + commitment to volunteer

BYO Standard tuition, additional family members

$575 + commitment to volunteer

BYO Full tuition


BYO Full tuition, second family member


BYO Full tuition, additional family members


BYPO tuition


BYPO tuition, additional family members


BYCO – Berkeley Youth Chamber Orchestra

$250 upon acceptance of invitation to join


BYO 2018-2019 Winter Session Tuition Plans

BYO offers prorated tuition plans for members joining after the 1st concert

Winter BYO standard tuition

$675 + commitment to volunteer

Winter BYO standard tuition, additional family members

$575 + commitment to volunteer

Winter BYO full tuition


Winter BYO full tuition, additional family members


Winter BYPO tuition


Winter BYPO tuition, additional family member



Tuition includes:

  • Musical parts for both full orchestra and chamber ensemble programs
  • Orchestral and individual coaching by BYO music faculty during rehearsals, sectionals and ensembles as published in the BYO calendar
  • Two complimentary tickets per young musician for each BYO concert
  • Optional Concerto Competition participation

Members are responsible for the following additional fees:

  • Each family must purchase one violin raffle ticket for $25. You may re-sell the ticket you are required to purchase.
  • Each family must contribute $20 for concert audio recordings.
  • Each member must pay a health fee of $20/semester to Laney Community College.

Financial Aid and Payment Plan

It is the goal of the Berkeley Youth Orchestra to ensure that no qualified young musician be prohibited from joining BYO due to financial need. To that end, we request that all financial aid applicants contribute financially as they are able so that BYO can serve as many young musicians as possible. 

To apply for financial aid each applicant must pay a minimum of $200 toward tuition and complete the application form downloadable through the button below. You must also present the first page of your 1040 tax return. If married, but filing separately, you must attach copies of the first page of both returns, and any other applicable supporting documentation. Please attach a brief letter detailing your financial need. All Financial Aid paperwork must be posted no later than August 12th, 2017. For new members accepted in the August 26th audition financial aid paperwork must be mailed by August 31st, 2017.

Please mail Financial Aid documentation to:

Orchestra Manager
Berkeley Youth Orchestra
P.O. Box 11607
Berkeley, CA 94712

BYO will establish payment plans for tuition balances due by members receiving partial scholarships.  All other members are expected to pay in full as described above.  If extenuating circumstances warrant, BYO will consider payment plan contracts for other members, provided all registration forms have been completed.


Tuition is non-refundable

In extreme situations a refund may be approved by the president of the board in the very beginning of the season, in which case a $200 administrative fee will be discounted. There will be no refund if a member voluntarily discontinues attendance after the 1st seating audition of the season, or is dismissed at the discretion of the Artistic Director due to infractions of BYO’s Code of Conduct.